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Developed by Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Sharon J. Wendt-Wesch, Radiant Heart Healing (RHH) is an energy therapy process of working with the energy field and raising its frequency vibrations in order to facilitate transformation and bring a client back to wholeness.


Guided by the facilitator, the client actively participates verbally and visually to access old physical issues. The goal is to balance the emotional components with physical as they relate to resolution and healing.

Dr. Wendt-Wesch writes the following:

“Radiant Heart Healing gives us the ability to open our heart to release emotions of fear, sadness, and anger while enhancing peace, joy and love.

Bringing this healing energy into the heart strengthens the energy field and stimulates the thymus gland, the master gland that controls the immune system.

Unexpressed, repressed, or suppressed emotions become toxic. Without release, it surfaces in lumps, clots, tumors, spasms, migraine headaches, and many other symptoms of physical distress. The repression of feelings has medical consequences.” The Radiant Heart, Healing the Heart - Healing the Soul

Dr. Arthur Janov, M.D. adds that “The number one killer today is repression. It is all pervasive, yet everywhere denied because its mechanism is to hide the truth. Denial is the inevitable consequence of its structure.”

Dr. Janov claims “There is almost no disease, mental or physical, without repression. I do not believe that one can cure either mental illness or a host of serious physical ailments without it.”

Through RHH, Dr. Wendt-Wesch teaches us to:     “Own It”      “Feel It”      “Release It

Own it: break through denial, acknowledge

Feel it: experience it through the body

Release it:

      physical    cellular level

      mental       negative thoughts associated with event

      heart         emotions (crying, sound)

      spirit         energy field (clear)

A heart filled with pain has no room for uplifting emotions, or space for bringing in the light.

The very process of becoming radiant requires human beings to open their hearts and release their emotional pain.

Only then, can one become truly Radiant!