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Gisèle was a Programmer/Analyst in the IT industry. She worked extensively with Federal Contracts in the Canadian Government. She spent some time in Real Estate and the Hospitality industry prior to that. A profound need to find a more fulfilling life purpose and personal health issues has guided and prompted her to seek and change venues.

She studied holistic modalities since 1992. She has been working and combining her modalities since 2001. She strives to continually expand and build her knowledge and abilities via further training and certifications in order to provide a service to her clients that will bring them the greatest benefits with maximum results. Her goals are to bring to each of her clients an ability to shift all areas of their life; being physical, emotional, spiritual, their relationship with themselves and others. She brings awareness to the fact that each and every client is unique; therefore each of their approach to healing is individualized. Not one session is the same!

With her passion of learning and teaching, she wishes to bring to mankind an opportunity to expand and raise their awareness and therefore have a unique and wonderful opportunity to  - take back their power!

Her mission is to provide assistance and support, in a private, safe and secure setting, for those who are seeking integrative approaches that incorporates all aspects of their life; bringing balance to their mind, body, spirit and relationships. It’s a journey to seek and find their passion in life. To have: gratitude, harmony, and compassion, love joy and peace flow openly in every heart, mind and soul.

Gisèle loves the opportunities of participating and watching the many personal growths within her own family, which lovingly encompasses her husband Tim and child Shannon, and all their respective pets in the great State of Texas!

Some of her background in integrative modalities cover the following:

Certified LifeLine Practitioner®, The LifeLine Technique 1-2-3 PLAN Teacher, Radiant Heart Teacher, Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher, Hypnosis Certified, Chinese Face Reading, Holistic Iridology, Certified Colon Hydrotherapist, and more.

Her affiliates and memberships, past and present:

The LifeLine Technique™ Affiliate, Ambassador of The LifeLine Technique™, Healing Touch Professional Association (HTPA), Reiki Membership Association, American Board of Hypnotherapy, International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy.

Awards / Certificates:

Certificate of Outstanding Achievement (Honors) - The LifeLine Technique™, Honors Graduate (Programmer/Analyst) - CDI College of Business and Technology (Canada), Honors Graduate - (Colon Hydrotherapist) - Mind, Body Institute, Merit Award - Public Service - Federal Government (Canada), OECD Award - Federal Government (Canada)