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Color is light. Color is light of varying frequencies. Each color has its own frequency (energetic signature). Each color has its frequency that resonate with our energetic space and our body.

Our main energy centers, known as Chakras, correspond to color. Red=Root, Orange=Sacral, Yellow=Solar Plexus, Green=Heart, Blue=Throat, Indigo=3rd Eye, and Purple=Crown. In acupuncture, each of these energy centers correspond with our organs/glands and meridian lines.

When our body is out of balance, tapping into color as therapy can bring amazing results. Color can stimulate our personal needs within our energetic space, and bring balance to our Chakras, which in turn may bring balance to our mind/body/spirit. We can tap into color and bring it in through our eyes, skin, our personal energy field (known as our Aura).

Every day we subconsciously choose the color of our wardrobe to support whatever we need at that moment. Yes, surprising isn’t it?We might choose blue to support our need to speak up for ourselves. We might choose green to reach out to others. We might choose yellow to give us the confidence we need for a certain event that day. And the list goes on.

So what is your body telling you? Why do you react to certain colors? What emotional connecting event is behind that color? You can explore that vast array of the wonderful world of color for yourself!

Next time you’re out and about on Mother Earth’s turf, notice how you react! That strong yellow sun. That nurturing green grass. The authenticity of the blue sky. Look around! Take personal notice of your space and your reactions! Enjoy the wonderful world of color!