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Our beloved pets are our family and provide us with infinite love. They are subject to illness and/or trauma just like you and me, and they too need a helping hand from time to time. In times of need, we seek integrated help for our friends.

Working with animals is such an honor, a joy, and a blessing. Our pets are absolutely amazing! It is so rewarding for me to work with them and give back to them in their time of need or for the in-between's! I am truly grateful for those opportunities.

Does your pet have a physical or an emotional issue?

Please remember, just like us, our pets do not have to be ill or traumatized to receive a healing energy session. Preventative care is always important, that is true for ourselves and for our pets. We all should be thinking wellness--maintain balanced physical and emotional health, for our loving pets too. It would be an honor and a privilege to work with your pet. What a wonderful way to let your pet know how much you love them and genuinely care!